Child and Adolescent Therapy

Our therapists use a combination of Play Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Parenting interventions with children aged 3 through 18 years old.  A child’s struggles with difficult feelings, negative behaviors, traumatic events, or unhealthy relationships can impact the rest of their life.  But addressing these challenges during the child’s critical developmental years can set the stage for a happier, healthier future.   

Parent/Caregiver Involvement

We use parent/caregiver interviews, previous assessments, and our own child interview to determine what type of therapy will best serve the child and whether we are a good fit.   If you are bringing a younger child in for therapy, please be ready to commit time to the process as we will need you as an important team member in your child's treatment.  Therapists will work with parents to model effective communication, routine, structure, and discipline at home to mirror the progress made in our office. 

Play Therapy

When younger children are faced with difficult or complex emotional issues, their lack of communication and coping skills can make those issues extremely difficult to overcome. This is where play therapy can help.  Our therapists allow children to use play to identify and communicate their feelings in a healthy, age appropriate way.  Play gives children a safe mode to express and process their underlying thoughts and feelings.   

Learning Disabilities

A diagnosis of a learning disability can be difficult and frightening for any family.  Learning disabilities are complex and challenging, effecting every patient and family differently. They can also be a wonderful and unique strength.  We take a holistic approach to treating children, working with the child and their family to help our patients better manage their symptoms and enjoy an enhanced quality of life.   This treatment usually includes play therapy with the child as well as work with parents to model effective communication, structure, routine, and discipline.  

Behavior Issues

When a child is  overwhelmed or dis-regulated  they may begin to exhibit behavior issues that make it difficult for them to be their best selves every day.  Our therapists use a variety of therapies, informed by PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy) in order to help the child/parent dynamic get back on a loving track and to reestablish the comforting consistency of positive and negative consequences within the power dynamic of the family.  

NOTE: We do not provide standardized assessments, e.g. Neuropsychological Assessments, which some schools may require in order for your child to qualify for  accommodations. However,  if your child has already been diagnosed, we are happy to guide you to advocate for the most effective I.E.P (Individual Educational Plan) for your child.   We also do not offer Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, or Medication Management (Psychiatry) here at Brooklyn Psychotherapy.  

Limited Availability

We work to accommodate as many patients as possible, however, only a few of our therapists have specialized experience working with children.  Unfortunately, this means that we have only limited appointments available for children and their families.    


Please Contact Us for an appointment

If you or your child are actively abusing alcohol or other substances, have an active eating disorder, or need help stabilizing your primary needs such as food and housing, you may treatment or services that Brooklyn Psychotherapy does not provider - such as Case Management, Detoxification or Rehab, or a Psychiatrist on staff among other supports. In these cases, we suggest that you visit NYC’s emergency services page: or call 911.

If you or your child are actively suicidal, you should call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room immediately.