Co-Parenting Therapy

Being a parent is extraordinarily difficult, and both new and seasoned parents can benefit from an outside perspective.   Often partners find it difficult to agree on certain issues and parenting techniques, which can cause conflict in their own relationship and the dynamic of the whole family.  Co-Parenting therapy offers a space to examine the underlying philosophies, experiences, and emotions that have been the seeds of your current parenting style.  We can come together to identify the reasons behind our relationships with our children and ourselves as parents and approach the wonderful yet overwhelming experience of parenting in a more purposeful way.   If you're a parent, you know that the child's needs can take over the whole family dynamic (in difficult and wonderful ways).  It is important to make sure you have a space to be your pre-parent self and focus on your own needs.  This in turn can make you a better parent with your child.  

Co-Parenting After Separation

After separation or divorce, the complex process of parenting becomes ever more challenging.   It can be all the more difficult negotiating parenthood while avoiding the potential conflicts in a relationship that has ended.  Co-parenting can assist you in creating clear expectations and boundaries that will be best for your children and yourself.  

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